Friday, January 29, 2010

Love Letter.

I don't know, I'm confused with my self as well. I'm not being myself lately...
I think I have a feeling towards you...I thought I'm strong enough to deny any of this...initially, I, myself didn't expect to have deep feelings towards young girl like you. This is happening could be bacause we had spent some time together by exchanging email, sms, having lunch and teas etc...
I had realized this since I'm keep thinking about you while I'm driving, sometimes smiling, behaving strangely. I was not happy if I were away from T.Intan and many more..including feeling jealous if I knew that you were going out with yr BF
gal...this is embarassing for a macho guy like me..eheh...please delete after reading k..
Anyway, I am happy on our realtionship...want to hear on your side of story...eventhough I know it could or couldn't be the one I would like to hear..but I'm ready 

This email, is from you. 
I love u b!
Always do., and i hope u will always be beside me..
Just nak ingat saat indah kita, 
saat baby malu2 kucing, ahaha.
tak percaya semua tu dah 4 tahun berlalu.
Semoga semua ni berakhir dengan sesuatu yg indah.
P/s: Tak kesah la ape orang nak cakap,
U are still the best for me, ever! 

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CikDonews said...

you go girl!!!:)
always support you no matter what:)